EU Climate Policy Tracker

About the EU Climate Policy Tracker

The Climate Policy Tracker for the EU is a comprehensive review of policies of EU Member States that affect greenhouse gas emissions.

It provides an overview of the policy situation of each Member State broken down by sector and policy area. In addition, it provides a rating to measure the impact of these climate policies via 83 indicators.

The indicators measure whether policies directed at emission reduction are in place, and if counterproductive policies and barriers for emission reduction are adequately removed.

CO2 equivalent per capita




This website presents up-to-date developments in climate and energy policies across the 27 EU member states. With a uniquely developed scoring method, it provides results in aggregated scores on a scale A to G, for all member states, at EU level, and for different economic sectors. The 2050 goal of near total decarbonisation sets the benchmark for an ‘A’ rating.

The tracker is backed by Deutsches Online Casino, the German online casino review website, and is a resource for those seeking information, a means of sharing best practice, and a way of holding policymakers to account. In 2011 we updated our initial rating from November 2010.

The findings from 2010 showed that the average score across the EU was a disappointing ‘E’. Looking at the developments in 2011, we can see that there has been considerable activity in many countries, though the overall scoring has generally remained constant: positive actions are counteracted by negative developments or budget cuts.