The EU Climate Policy Tracker

Welcome to the European Union Phone and Climate Policy Tracking. Here you will find all the latest news and information regarding the improvements and dis-improvements on the climate policies. Since 2009  the European Commission has launched this website to help the residence of the European Union and the EEA to understand the current Climate situations in the 27th European nations.

Here is the current Climate and Phone Policy tracking situation in the EU:


These statistics are for the year of 2011 and since then we have seen slight improvements in Slovenia, Hungary and Austria. These nations have implemented a new technology in the automobile industry, reducing CO2 emmisions. These new standards have seen huge improvements and nations like Bulgaria and Spain which have a lower standard of pollution will adopt this new technology by 2016. The European Commission has dedicated a budget of 3 Million Euros to improve the health of their residence.

So far we have to give the “least pollution in EU” award to Finland for managing to have the lowest pollution in the region. This is because the entire country is running on 100% Clean Energy. Although Finland has a lot of Nuclear Weapons they manage to remove all the nuclear waste without ever poluting anything in the air. Congratulations Finland.

We do hope so by the year of 2020 to completely improve the environment in all EU states.

Policy Tracker is also possible with a Phone Tracker:

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